Mlle. Printemps by Marcelo

This is Mlle. Printemps, a little 18th century lady who loves play with flowers and her love letters.

Her dress is full of flowers and arabescs.. also we can see lovely phrases about love, emotions and, of course, spring and flowers!

She's really romantic and fancy...

And the hairdo? An amazing and large royal hair sculpture! Full of flowers, of course!

The joy of spring, the beauty of flowers and the romantic atmosphere of those letters...
This is her world!

I hope you like her... <3


Birdcages by Marcelo...

I love birdcages as a decoration element - BUT always without birds!

Some time ago I made some birdcages to post as a tutorial at my Facebook page.

I want to show you guys those birdcages... :D

They are really easy to make: we just need some iron wire, a piece of wood for the base and some nails to fix the iron wire!

We can use all your imagination! Create little castels, little houses...

I hope you guys like them.... <3


"Marcelino" for the Easter

I received an amazing and special gift this Easter:


A sweet and magical sculpture made by my partner, Michele, a great italian scupltor!
He tried to "translate" in this sculpture my soul, my joy and the child who lives inside my dreams...

Happy Easter, everybody! 

Easter Nests

For 2017's Easter, I created some little nests with little eggs... 

I hope you like!